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Brooklyn Blackout Cake champion is a day-sweetening Unwind. It has a wonderfully dynamic high that stacks the longer you smoke – building from a fuzzy body blitz to an all-encompassing tranquility; heady yet functional and highly relaxing. Buds are some of the most beautiful around with trichomes like powdered sugar gracing every perfectly-dense inch. A buttery-smooth smoke releases scents of creamy diesel and dank lemon while flavors are spread between cream, nuts and pine. Easily enjoyed late-morning or at night. | Hand-picked genetics, glass cured in total darkness, and maintained at 20 degrees celsius resulting in enhanced terpenes and flavonoids for the best smoking experience.

The powerful, calming body buzz is the most notable effect of Brooklyn Blackout Cake. Save this rare strain for late at night and be ready for some serious couch-lock. The indica genes are dominant in Blackout OG, which can also have acute psychoactive effects. The exact balance of indica to sativa is unknown, however. The THC content is almost off the charts, with some samples registering more than 26% THC, just a couple points below the record holder. The CBD content, meanwhile, is modest, about 0.6%. Blackout OG is great for treating insomnia, as it promotes a serene, sleepy state. It’s a crossbreed of Black Domina, the source of its indica genes, and Amnesia Haze, a sativa. This strain is available in California and possibly the Pacific Northwest. It might also be found in Colorado, but elsewhere it’s scarce. Blackout OG has a taste that combines sage and spice, and an aroma of earth and spice. The bud has a spotted appearance, with flecks of brown and bright green under a shiny layer of trichomes. This strain is best used when treating anxiety, irritability, insomnia, or chronic pain. Dry mouth is possible, as are red eyes and mild paranoia.

The Black Out strain is an 80/20 indica-dominant hybrid cross between Face Off OG and The Black. Its effects first become noticeable in the cerebral department, where it’ll immediately begin soothing your brain into a serene, almost hazy state. From there, Black Out will quickly loosen up your physical form, helping you relax, sink into your couch, and, eventually, fall asleep.

Recreational tokers and medical patients alike report that this bud’s heavy, indica-leaning effects are excellent for alleviating anxiety, chronic pain, muscle tension, and insomnia.

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